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Fixtech has always provided me with a high level of techn...

Paul Wrench


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"We changed to Fixtech products 4 years ago. It's an excellent product ... we're a big fan!"
Bentley O'Connor, Operations Manager | Blackwatch Boats

We have found the range of Fixtech products to be reliable and price competitive. Our Yachts are built to a high standard and Fixtech has never let us down. We would recommend their products any time.
Shane Mitchell, Operations Manager | Azzura Yachts

We swapped to Fixtech 3 years ago and found their products to be 100% suited for our purpose and the technical back up support is fantastic.
Mark Pugh, Operations Manager | Catafoil

Fixit Mate Grip has allowed us to eliminate messy 2 part glues that get wasted.It bonds many incompatible materials.Tight curved bentwood laminations have been a total success.It has gap filling properties and there has been no glue creep evident.Some of the glues we have been using have a 3 month shelf life compared to Fixit mates 12 months.We have used it to bond timber to aluminium composite board and for widening joints in timber it truly has made my life as a teacher easier and it saves money.Its just so bloody good
Martin Tomasoni, Furniture Design Teacher | North Coast Institute of Tafe

We used Fixseal MSP15 to repair our tender, 3 months later the patch is still in place."Fixes and seals in almost all applications" is thankfully agreed.
Hugh R Prior, owner of Shalimar, Ron Carlson, yachtmaster | Yacht SHALIMAR II