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We used Fixseal MSP15 to repair our tender, 3 months later the patch is still in place."Fixes and seals in almost all applications" is thankfully agr...

Hugh R Prior, owner of Shalimar

Fixtech has always provided me with a high level of technical support and quality products
Paul Wrench | Blue Camber Marine

We used Fixsil FS 200 on our 30 foot yacht perspex windows this time last year (after having total failure of an oppositions polyurathane sealant within weeks of application.ie product not bonding to perspex .The FS 200 has so far performed without any problems ,bearing in mind no fasteners were used , and there is at least half an inch total expansion and contraction on a hot day. It is by far the best product I have used for fastening perspex windows in marine situations,and I have fitted many over the last 25 years.Feel free to refer anybody on to me re this product.
Barry Meredith, Boat Owner