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"We changed to Fixtech products 4 years ago. It's an excellent product ... we're a big fan!"

Bentley O'Connor
Marine, Construction & Automotive > GlazingTape 9mm x 4.8mm x 15m
GlazingTape 9mm x 4.8mm x 15m

GlazingTape 9mm x 4.8mm x 15m

Price: AUD $(including GST)
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Fixtech Marine Solutions has a range of double sided and single sided adhesive tapes with a variety of uses, particularly with glazing applications, and commonly used in the marine and construction industry.
The FGT range of glazing tapes are again a premium range of products, manufactured to meet the most critical standards. Used worldwide in domestic, commercial, and high rise applications, the softer density FGT is deal for compressing PVC foam, and sealing tight radial curves, having acrylic adhesion, while the medium density are compatible with most silicones and sealants, (also acrylic adhesive.)