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Fixit Mate Grip has allowed us to eliminate messy 2 part glues that get wasted.It bonds many incompatible materials.Tight curved bentwood laminatio...

Martin Tomasoni
Adhesives > Fix8 Silicone - White
Fix8 Silicone - White

Fix8 Silicone - White

Structural Silicone
Price: AUD $(including GST)
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Fix8 White Silicone is a high quality structural silicone for use in:
Marine and Transport manufacturing, Construction and Architectural facade applications.
Fix8 is a single component high modulus anti mould construction silicone that exhibits excellent physical properties in both internal and external applications and displays excellent weather-ability and UV resistance.
Fix8 is suitable for glazing applications, bonding and sealing where the use of silicone-based sealant is acceptable, kitchen and bathroom finishing. Fix8 cures to a high performing colourfast flexible rubber sealant.