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Fixit Mate Grip has allowed us to eliminate messy 2 part glues that get wasted.It bonds many incompatible materials.Tight curved bentwood laminatio...

Martin Tomasoni

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At Fixtech, we are creating access to our products through some of the best marine suppliers, wholesalers, and the best marine retail outlets and chandleries around Australia, New Zealand and Asia. If you cannot find the product at your closest store, and you would like to use our products, then we are always contactable by phone, fax and E-mail.

Email us if you are interested in a product or wish to ask for further information, or complete the form below

Australasia & Middle East

Contact: Troy Clifford
PO Box 568
QLD 4215
Ph: +61 7 5530 1099
Fax: +61 7 5530 1322
Email: here


Contact: Jim Chou
Fixtech International Limited
96 Hongping Rd Siaogang District
Kaohsiung City 81268
Taiwan (R.O.C)
Ph:  +886 7 806 2506 
Fax: +886 7 806 2811
Email: here

Southern China

Contact: Sam Liu
Fixtech International Limited, China Office
3rd F, Building 8, No.1 Pingdong Road,
Nanping Technology Park, Zhuhai City 519060
Guangdong, China
Tel: +86 756 7750077
Fax: +86 756 8513101
Mobile: +86 189 2807 9077
Email: here



For technical support and /or product supplied direct to your door contact:
Fixtech Asia Office
Ph: +886 (0)7 806 2506
Fax: +886 (0)7 806 2811
Alternatively contact can be made through our Taiwan office
Email: here




Contact Phone:
1300 887 077
1300 887 219

Please use this as a quick way to send Fixtech a message.