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We used Fixsil FS 200 on our 30 foot yacht pers...

Barry Meredith



Fix1DC deck caulk

now available in 300ml cartridges


Fixtech consists of 3 sectors in the Adhesive and Sealants market:

marine sealants and adhesives   construction sealants and adhesives   transport sealants and adhesives

MARINE SEALANTS & SILICONES - Fixtech is used in glass window and acylic window bonding and sealing, structural bonding, teak deck caulking, teak deck bonding, deck to hull joint bonding, fuel tank bonding and sealing, UV resistant above and below waterline sealants, underwater structural bonding, non-yellowing white sealants, teak and exotic timber adhesives and glues.


CONSTRUCTION SEALANTS & SILICONES - Glass and window frame structural silicone and adhesives, interior and exterior finishing sealants, expansion joint sealants, construction joint sealants, hardwood and softwood frame glues, floor and wall adhesives, polystyrene, timber, and joinery glues, waterproofing sealants, tile, stone adhesive sealants, gutter and roof sealants and silicones.


TRANSPORT SEALANTS & SILICONES - UV resistant safety glass window bonding and sealing, structural wall panel bonding, floor and roof panel bonding, aluminium, composite panel, steel, MonopanTM, PolycoreTM, NidacoreTM and other fabricated panel structural bonding, fuel resistant sealants, interior and exterior finishing sealants, hardwood adhesives and timber glues.


Our continued commitment to you is;
Consistent high quality, high performance sealants and adhesives and silicones that can help you to reduce costs and increase productivity, reduce dangerous goods carried, help to increase your profitibilty and reduce your risk on warranty claims on bonding and sealing applications. Through Fixtech's three offices located in Australia, China and Taiwan and distributors in 19 countries we offer complete technical support and assistance in application techniques through to suitable product selection.

Fixtech can provide approval certificates for DNV, GL, MED/SOLAS, AS/NZ 4020-Potable Water and VOC. Please contact your nearest office to request a copy

  • Extra fine white 2-pack finishing fillers MP101 for automotive and marine repairs, mould and plug finishing
  • Solvent free structural PU glues Fixit Grip paste and Fixit Glue liquid for all types of wood, ply and teak
  • PU foam Fix'n'Foam for polystyrene cladding, sealing, bonding and cavity filling.
  • Construction grade flexible joint sealant Fix25
  • Multipurpose construction grade Fix30 bedding adhesive for all timber floor, wall panel, stone, tile bonding and sealing
  • Fuel tank adhesive sealant FM30
  • Primers for Polypropylene PR20, timber and porous surfaces FixSeal Fix1060 primer
  • Complete range of manual and pnuematic tools and tapes



Fixtech designs its products for varying climates and conditions of use and we will continue to develop our products as the climates and conditions change with the different Countries we enter, making them even better. Fixtech adhesive sealants are being used around the world in various forms and we are proud to service our customers needs, such as being used in temperatures and climates from the deserts of the Middle East (+50C) to Antarctica (-40C), and are all continuing to perform to the high standard our customers have come to expect.

All Fixtech products are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 for consistency and all designed for superior performance. Fixtech also achieved Certification to DNV standards for high speed vessels including but not limited to window adhesion, structural bonding and external finishing with our FIX190. Fixtech also has GL (Germanischer Lloyds) Certification for structural bonding adhesive with Fix190 as well as having Australian/New Zealand Certification for use in potable water tanks for both hot and cold water.

Fixtech offers the best quality range of products to you that is possible, not only for health and safety reasons - we are also setting new standards for UV resistance and colour stability,chalking resistance, product user friendliness, strength, paintability and longevity.

The Fixtech product range offers:

  • Marine, Transport and Construction specific products that do not contain acids, VOC's, solvents, silicone or toxic materials such as Isocyanate that is found in polyurethanes
  • High UV resistance, whites that do not yellow, and the other colours are colourfast
  • Paintable and resistant to mould and mildew
  • No bubble forming during curing, as there is no solvent to evaporate
  • Continues to stay flexible over long periods of UV and heat exposure
  • Suitable for all uses above and below the waterline
  • Excellent adhesion onto many different substrates

The discolouration of white polyurethane is a direct result of the lack of UV resistance inherent in all Polyurethanes. This is globally recognised, and until recently there were no real alternatives to white adhesive sealants turning to yellow or grey or even pink when exposed to our UV rays in Australia, until now. We at Fixtech can help you with our product range to produce a better product for your customers, and save time and money through better product productivity and greater reduced wastage.

Fixtech has achieved superior performance in its non-yellowing white sealants and non-chalking black sealants for our entire range of products internally and externally applied, and we are very proud to be a market leader in this area - we can even glue underwater!

Fixtech's marine sealants, transport sealants and construction sealants will help reduce production and manufacturing costs and reduce warranty claims, and give the customer a better product long term. 


Contact Us

Call our staff at one of our four offices and they can help you with a solution to your sealant problems, and they can put you in touch with any of our approved distributors.

Australia and Middle East

Contact: Troy Clifford
Ph: +61 7 5530 1099
Fax: +61 7 5530 1322



Southern China
Contact: Sam Liu
Ph: +86 756 775 0077
Fax: +86 756 851 3101



Contact: Jim Chou
Ph: +886 7 806 2506
Fax: +886 7 806 2811

United States

Contact: Simon Hutchinson
Ph: +1 (954) 900 2916
Fax: +1 (954) 541 5918